The workshop of design furniture, founded by Eugene Tomov in 2015.

We make author's furniture and light.

In priority natural materials. When processing an array, burning is often used, which emphasizes the structure, colors and protects the wood.

Every thing is a balance between the industrial approach to design and the relation to objects, as to art objects.

Member of the Milan Design Week 2018 and the DESIGN.VE 2018 Festival in Venice.



By education - an engineer, in spirit - an artist. Roots in warm Bulgaria, was born and grew up in cold Siberia. Combining the incompatible, I strive for harmony.


He came to the world of object design through a virtual one: he had previously studied computer graphics, worked on television and in a marketing agency. The desire to transfer their creativity into a tangible form led to the idea of ​​creating furniture and interior items made of wood and metal.


In Tomov Workshop - an industrial designer, with every imaginary thing I create with my own hands. For me, it is important to interact directly with the material and form.


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